Can Klonopin treat OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?

klonopin for OCDKlonopin has found to be effective for patients who suffer from the certain type of obsessive compulsive disorder which is associated with anxiety. When the drug is taken alone, it is not found to be effective on OCD but when taken in combination with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) it was found that it helped people to get rid of the symptoms of OCD and anxiety. Patients with OCD take SSRIs and CBT to treat the condition but it is not enough for most of them.

Who should take Klonopin to treat OCD?

People who do not find any effectiveness or experience less effect on the medical condition while taking CBT and SSRI would buy Klonopin medication. This drug would be the second line of treatment for those patients. However, a doctor should be the one who would tell you what to take and what not.

Can you take Klonopin along with SSRI?

This depends on the type of condition that you are suffering from, a variant of the drug that you are taking and the interval between these drugs. There are chances for the anxiety pill to interact with SSRI so a healthcare professional would carefully examine before instructing you to take some pills.

Does Klonopin help for OCD treatment?

Klonopin is an anti-anxiety medication which is very much helpful in reducing the anxiousness in a person, however, it is not possible for you to cure OCD. People after taking this medication can find a great reduction in the symptoms and this might last until you continue with this medication.

How Klonopin helps a person with OCD?

When Klonopin is taken, it would alter the imbalanced natural chemicals that are present in the brain. This imbalance is what causes anxiety in the patients. So, these drugs are known to target these parts and also converts it into balanced ones.

So, a patient can feel a reduction in the anxiousness and restlessness in them. This makes the behavioral therapy to work better in them.

Is Klonopin approved to treat OCD?

No, Klonopin is not approved to treat OCD but it is approved to treat anxiety in a person. When a person feels excess anxiousness due to any situation like OCD or other medical conditions, then a doctor can suggest you take Klonopin pills.

However, this treatment should be continued only for a period of two to three weeks as it is highly addictive in nature and it would pave for addiction if misused.

If you are a person with OCD and with anxiety condition then it is possible for you to try Klonopin pills. If you find it effective within two days then you may take it and get the benefit.

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