How Effective Is Propecia For Hair Loss Treatments?

Male hair loss is a tragic genetically coded phenomenon that happens because of the male hormonal structure. If you are born male then there is a high risk that you will go bald in your late adulthood. That is the reason why propecia drug was introduced. The time frame is subjected to various physical factors, but hair loss or hair thinning can start as early as a late teenager. But last few decades saw a tremendous recovery in this condition among males.

The birth of the drug intended for preventing hair loss was an accident. The drug was first developed by Merck to treat prostate gland shrinkage, but during their testing phase, they found that finasteride prevented the male hair loss and even promoted new hair growth. So, they shot two birds with a single stone. This Propecia medication can be easily purchased from various internet pharmacies and hence people can order hair loss medicine Propecia online in a hassle free manner to use the medication for treating their hair loss.

How Propecia Helps In Male Pattern Baldness?

Propecia Hair LossAs the drug Propecia is intended to treat male pattern baldness, it is very clear that Propecia cheap is only meant for men. This is because the drug acts on a certain enzyme that prevents the conversion male sex hormone into an isomeric form. The enzyme is 5-α-reductase, which converts the male hormone testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Finasteride inhibits this conversion such that no more DHT is accumulated on the body, who is the major culprit for male baldness and hair loss. Since the mode of action was very significant in its efficacy, most of the doctors prefer Propecia over other natural treatments.

Why was Propecia successful?

The usage of this medicine has been boomed in the late 21st century. Unlike its competitors, Propecia uses the finasteride in a well-compounded manner, so there is least side effects but maximum efficiency. Also, the medical studies point towards the efficacy of Propecia, where a unit milligram of it was efficient enough to suppress the DHT activation by 60% when consumed on a daily basis. Around 85% of the test subjects shown positive result towards the drug, where testosterone to DHT conversion has been suppressed. Off the test subjects 65% of population shown recovery in their hair growth where new follicle starts to spring hairs. Thus, within a short stretch of time, hair loss pills Propecia flew overseas to conquer the market in almost all continents.

What pulled the hair loss drug Propecia from being perfect?

If there is light then there is heat too. Likewise, the drug had certain drawbacks that didn’t allow it to be a perfect hair loss treatment. A lot of male folks complained about the loss of sexual interest after the drug usage, which even persisted for a short duration of time upon stopping the medication. Thus, their very own need for a hair backfired on them. Premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, the inability for orgy etc. are some other adverse effects with Propecia. But it is not consistent with all of its users, still, a majority of users had this problem. Other than that, the drug is intended for a long term usage. When you stop it, again the hair loss monster comes back. There are users who have been using the drug for past 10-12 years. So all these had to be considered before rating the success of Propecia. There are also many sites that claim to sell the quality drugs at cheap price, do not trust those sites until you do a thorough check.

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