What Are The Most Harmful Effects Of Long Term Use Of Ativan?

long term use of ativanAtivan generically known as lorazepam, yet another benzodiazepine member mainly used to treat the anxiety disorder, sleeplessness or insomnia, memory problems, seizures, nausea and vomiting etc. Like all benzodiazepine drug Ativan is also dangerous when used for a long term, and also it is not possible to buy ativan online without prescription . The effect might escalate if the drug is administrated without proper supervision from a certified doctor. They directly enter the blood stream to reach the brain where alters the chemical signal inorder to induce the desired effect. Thus, any long term user are at the risk of severe damage to the neurons and other brain components which might be fatal at times.

The long term usage of this drug is not prescribed by any doctors or psychiatrist due to its ability to alter the brain’s chemical signalling. On a therapeutic perspective, it is good if anxiety is get ridden by home remedies. On the other hand, it is a good remedy to treat all anxiety driven disorders where it acts by suppressing the anxiety releasing hormones or chemical signals. But when the duration is shifted to long term the effects could permanently alter the brains chemical signalling damaging certain functions. The most dangerous one would be kidney problems, confusion, disorientation, behavioural changes, chronic memory loss, insomnia, detachment from family, loss of appetite and body weight. If the conditions are no properly overlooked by a professional doctor the user would end up shutting down organs one by one and finally facing death.

Most common long term usage side effects of Ativan

Like all other benzodiazepine drug, Ativan has also got almost similar side effects like drowsiness, suicide tendency, mood swing, sleep problems, muscle ache, restlessness, blurred vision or double vision, gastro-oesophageal effects, change in body weight, weakness etc.

Thoughnot all the symptoms might show up, but depends on the user’s physique and other body traits. If the dosage is escalated without any prior warning to the body it might result in thelife-threatening condition. The long-term users feel the scaled up version of the side effects as symptoms.

Withdrawal Syndrome with long term users.

If the long term user plans to quit the medication, he is not left alone as such. Withdrawal syndrome is one of the major problems with people who stop taking the drug. This would have some serious effect on the user, imparting a disorientated thinking ability finally breaking the personal physiologically. Such users exhibit many behavioural changes like alossof interest, self-isolation, detaching from sexual activities, hallucination, restlessness, social withdrawal from friends and family, engaging crimes to find a hit, genocidal tendency etc. All emotional and behavioural changes within the user finally breaks his mind ending up in suicide or self-destruction.

If in case you come across any such long-term users the best way to bring them back would be a deaddiction treatment. Fix an appointment with a psychiatrist or a deaddiction professional and take the patient along. Try to convince the harmful effects, educate him/her about the after effects and end results. There are a lot of governmental initiations for de-addiction treatment, so it won’t be a problem to find a doctor or a de-addiction centre.

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