What Are The Benefits Of Natural Home Remedies For Good Health?

home remedies herbsHome remedies are traditional cures for many ailments that trouble humanity from time to time. These remedies are natural amalgamation of vegetables, fruits, spices and natural herbs. Home remedies have been used to treat common diseases from thousands of years. Our ancestors swore by home remedies for the treatment of many types of common illnesses like cough and cold.

It have become increasingly popular these days with many people owning to change their life style and improve their health in a natural way. Even though home remedies are the oldest form of medicine it is still popular to this day, solely because of the results it produces. There a various ways in which home remedies can benefit you. If it doesn’t work out then a person can go with prescription medications.

Easily accessible

The ingredient used for most home remedies are easily available right from your kitchen. To treat minor illnesses, you can make a quick home remedy in no time. You do not have to run to your pharmacy and spend loads of money on chemical formulations available in the market. Moreover home remedies can also come in handy in emergency cases when there is no medical store available in your neighborhood. One of the main home ingredients used for are ginger, celery, honey, garlic, thyme and hundreds of other fruits and vegetables. In fact, there are host for natural medications for sleeplessness , through which one can enjoy sound sleep.

Cost Effective

Sticking to home remedies for minor ailments can save you a lot of money. The overhead costs for chemical medicines in other words allopathic medicines, is very high because of the manufacturing, transporting and advertising costs. All these nominal charges can be eliminated by sticking to home remedies.

Minimizing Side Effects

Compared to over the counter medication, which have quite strong components, home remedies are quite mild and of course natural. Moreover, as you will have the knowledge of all the ingredients that you use in a home remedy there is a less chance of getting effected by allergic reactions or any other adverse side effects. In addition, a main drawback of pharmaceutical medicines is that over time our body gets used to the medicine and the dose needs to be constantly increased, costing more money and there is also a risk of addiction with taking some allopathic medications.

Some quick home remedies

• Treat headache by replacing 1 aspirin for 6 cherries. Cherries have high amounts of anti-oxidants in them too.
• Relieve irritable bowel syndrome with the use of peppermint oil.
• Troubled with insomnia? Use chamomile tea for a relaxing effect and sleep better. However if the insomnia is very bed it is best to take pharmaceutical medicine.
• Soothe sore gums by rinsing your mouth with cold water frequently. This also help to keep your mouth clean of food particles.
• Mix 1 tablespoon of honey, the greatest gift of Mother Nature, with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to treat cough.

A note to remember

Home remedies are most effective only for minor illnesses. They should never be replaced with doctor recommended medications for major diseases. Having found solutions to serious diseases, medical sciences have made major advancements in recent times and it is best to stick to it for major illnesses.

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