Things to know about Herbal Levitra

Herbal medicines are yet to be proven as an exact science and these medicines even though they are very old and in use for a long time perhaps some of these are used for decades or centuries, scientific studies on them are only recently being carried out.

Herbal Levitra and Levitra

Herbal LevitraThe active ingredients in herbal Levitra for ed are Bombyx Mori L Extract, Extract of Siberian Ginseng, wild yam, white willow, Cayenne, Jujube and stinging nettles. The active ingredient in Levitra is Vardenafil.

The half-life of both Levitra and herbal Levitra is the same, which is 3-4 hours and both peak after 60 minutes but with Levitra, one can be sure about the quality as well as there are strict regulations around it so there is no ambiguity or nothing left to chance.

The Director of Flora Research Laboratories – James Neal Kababick has stated that most of the herbal supplements which were analyzed contained patented pharmaceuticals and not only that, the quantity and dosage even exceeded twice the prescribed amount.

There are a number of cases where relatively healthy men upon taking herbal supplements had either to be rushed to the emergency room or else suffered from side effects like headaches and difficulty in seeing. That is the reason people were buying cheapest generic Levitra to treat impotence online as it gave all the necessary information about the pill correctly.

Advantages of herbal Levitra 

Most people opt for herbal medications for the following reasons:

  1. These herbal medications are usually cheaper than the prescription medications.
  2. They also are widely available and can be procured from any source including online sources
  3. One usually does not need a prescription for them and so the person is able to self-medicate himself.
  4. They are reported to have lesser side effects though some of them are more harmful than the prescription drugs
  5. They can treat chronic conditions.

Disadvantages of herbal Levitra

  1. These normally do not contain the dosage which is meant for each person based on their constitution and therefore self-medication can actually harm the person rather than help.
  2. These are known to react with other medications taken and so they need to be taken cautiously.
  3. These do not have a tight regulatory body governing them and so one is never sure of the quality of herbs being used. There may or may not be quality control so the potency and quality can differ by not only manufacturers but even by batches produced by the same manufacturer.
  4. When it is used by people who have high blood pressure or even have had a heart attack, there could be various negative consequences. This also goes for other medications which the person may be on.
  5. When more than 1 is taken in a 24 hour period, herbal Levitra doses could cause symptoms such as dizziness and blurring of vision.

Recalls of herbal medication

Herbal medication is not all that safe. In fact, in the previous year alone, there have been 8 recalls by the FDA of herbal pills that contained Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra.

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