What Are The Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is affecting 33% of people in America. The health condition means that a lot of blood is being pushed into the blood vessels through the heart. This puts a strain on the heart and triggers various problems such as heart stroke, atherosclerosis, and problems related to the kidney. Although the exact causes of high blood pressure are still under a debate, it is believed to be caused due to obesity, regular smoking, excess salt intake, mental stress, excessive consumption of alcohol and less physical activity.

There is also a possibility of you being afflicted with high blood pressure if there is a family history of blood pressure. In addition, age and ethnic background are also the contributors of hypertension. However, you can combat mild to moderate blood pressure conditions with the help of a few natural remedies. Below are the remedies that can be used to lower your blood pressure naturally. Never resort to consume any fertility medicine while reeling under high blood pressure conditions.

natural ways to reduce blood pressure quickly

Cut the Sodium

Salt is the main culprit that induces high blood pressure. Experts say that lowering the salt intake in your food can lower the blood pressure by 2-8 mm Hg. However, everybody’s body is different and the effects vary from person to person. You can control the salt intake in your food by cooking more at home, so you can decide what ingredients go in it, in the exact quantities. Reading the instructions label on food and beverage products can also help you get an insight into what is being used to manufacture the product. This way, by doing some research you can also eliminate the food that has harsh and harmful ingredients in them. Eating a lot of processed food could also lead to high blood pressure.

Take coconut water

This delicious natural refresher contains potassium and magnesium, two main minerals responsible for the functioning of the muscles, which includes the heart as well. Consuming coconut water once or twice a day can effectively lower your blood pressure. Coconut water is known to lower the blood pressure levels in 71% of people who consume it. In addition, coconut water also contains Cytokinins, which are plant growth substances that fight against leukemia.

Reduce the consumption of alcohol

Alcohol consumption is not just attributed to high blood pressure but many other serious illnesses. Therefore it is best to limit its consumption. Men are more likely to get high blood pressure if they drink more than 8 units of alcohol per day. However, in women, the consumption of alcohol should be limited to 4 units per day.

How to know when it is time for medication?

The home remedies listed here can be used to stay healthy and also keep your blood pressure at bay. However when the blood pressure is very high then it should be treated with medications prescribed by your doctor. These home remedies are not intended as a substitute for professional blood pressure treatment. Natural home remedies can be used in conjunction with other blood pressure medications for the most beneficial effect. Some name brands that carry medications for blood pressure are Plavix, Lasix, Norvasc, Tenormin and Cordarone. Please consult a doctor and get a health checkup done before proceeding with the any of the aforementioned approaches.

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