What Is The Difference Between Diazepam Dosage Forms Injection And Pill?

diazepam dosage formsAt least once in your life, when you are at the hospital, you might have asked your doctor to replace an injection with a pill. But, it rarely happened to work out the luck in you. Clearly, both injection and pill give the same end result, but their mode of interaction, efficacy, and speed of relief or drug action are different. Some might find one mode of administration better than other, but in actual reality, is there some point in this belief? Let us find out.

Pills are available on the prescription of a certified doctor or a psychiatrist upon thoroughly studying your condition. If the patient has a clear conscious mind and able to look after self, then the pill is the best choice, since they need not take the pain of the invasive injection procedure. Unlike an injection, a diazepam pill might take 10-18 hours to unlock its complete action. So, it is a slow agent, usually preferred to treat anxiety syndromes like GAD, SAD etc and doctors usually advise people to buy Valium online, so that they can get hold of the drug without any hassle.

Only outpatient consultation is necessary for taking the oral diazepam (Valium) pill, thus, you need to visit your doctor only occasionally upon appointment. But, injections are often given by a trained nurse or a doctor, usually in the clinic or office. However, a greater advantage is that the Valium injection is the fastest mode of action, so if the patient is suffering from any chronic effects of anxiety or withdrawal symptoms, an injection of diazepam would be the best choice for faster relief. Moreover, some patients with seizure or restlessness who refuse to take medicine orally might be given an intramuscular diazepam shot. Intravenous administration is also preferred in certain cases. Diazepam injection has its own advantage, that the patient is least likely or no chance to abuse the drug or affect by an overdose or underdose since the injection is taken under the supervision of trained personnel. Also, the sedative effect of diazepam injection needs the patient to be bedridden at least for 6 hours after the administration.

What are the available physical forms for Diazepam injection and pill?

Both the pill and injection form of diazepam comes in multiple variations. There are various color codes for pills like yellow, white, and green, and it is available mostly round shape. It must be noted that, different colour Valium pills have different strength such as 2mg to 10mg, sometimes more and denoted by an imprint usually like LL D 51, DAN 5619 etc, whereas in the injectable form, they usually come in vials, with varying concentration of 50mg/10ml vital to 5mg/10ml vial, which is usually colourless clear liquid. As the concentration increased, the effectiveness also increase.

Which form of Diazepam is better injection or pill?

In the course of treatment, it’s the doctor’s decision to prescribe the Valium injection or a pill, which depends on your state of physical condition. In rare cases, Diazepam (Valium) injection is preferred over a pill, when the patient is violent or refuses to take any medicines. There are certain complications for IM and IV administration, such that, in most cases, a pill is preferred which is much safer in comparison.

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